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PROXY Software List

FreeProxy 4.10 Build 1751

FreeProxy is professional Freeware which channels requests for internet pages
via a single computer and enables many computers to share an internet connection.


The GTunnel proxy software also supports Chinese and English languages.
The most powerful feature of GTunnel is that you can access the proxy network with your GTalk or Skype account.
When GTunnel runs, it will automatically open Garden Networks homepage in IE, if you like to use GTunnel on any other browser, just set the browser HTTP proxy to


The free proxy software Hyk-proxy is also built on Google App Engine and Java with Chinese instruction, here is the English instruction offered by Google Translate. You need to create a Google App Engine application to use the hyk-proxy client, for more details, you can check out this post. To run Hyk-proxy, you need to set the browser HTTP proxy to


Create a free account on the Your Freedom website, download and install the suitable client for your computer system, change your browser HTTP proxy to, then you can visit those blocked websites. The configuration will take a few minutes, but automatically.


You can download the GPass proxy software and run it without installation. The most powerful feature of GPass is that you can access the proxy network with Tor or Skype. You need to set the browser HTTP proxy to


You need a SSH account to use the free proxy software Tunnelier. For SSH account, you can use your own hosting, or search for a free account. You need to set the browser HTTP proxy to

Hotspot Shield

Besides English, French and Chinese, Hotspot Shield also supports Arabic, Persian, Russian and Vietnamese. You download the Hotspot Shield software and install it, then you can use the free proxy services, but there will be ADs when you visit open any web page.